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How to Run a Board Meeting After Funding

After you’ve celebrated your first successful funding round, you’ll likely have a moment of discomfort thinking about having an investor on your board of directors. What do you, as CEO, now need to do? Are there best practices to follow? Of course, there are! And we’ve got you.


What Business Entity Is Best For A Startup

If you're seeking funding, the answer is almost always a C Corporation, registered in Delaware. Local businesses, like your mom and pop shops downtown, incorporate for liability protection. If someone trips and falls in the store, the owners can't personally be sued. Startups, however, incorporate for much more than liability protection.


Seven Documents Every Startup Should Have From The Start

When launching a startup, you want to make and keep your startup as valuable as possible. In order to do that, you must ensure that the intellectual property is owned by the startup, and founders who own the startup have proper incentives and rules to handle inevitable contingencies.


Guidance On Return To Office Policies

Here are some things to consider as employees return to the office. Determine which orders (federal, state, and local) apply to you and make sure you're complying with the most restrictive rules. This assessment will need to be repeated on a rolling basis.


The Legality of Using Satellite Images In Your Product

There are 2,666 satellites orbiting the earth doing all sorts of amazing things like monitoring glacier melt and providing internet access to remote areas. They’ve been used to prove the existence of China’s Uighur internment camps and one, the International Space Station, has been home to over 200 astronauts and cosmonauts since it’s launch on November 2, 2000.


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