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The legal services provided by are provided by the New York law firm,, PC, and Relationship firms. Relationship firms are independently operated law firms who work together and with, PC to provide a comprehensive and coordinated legal service to clients, nationwide.

The use of the name "" and words or phrases such as "firm", "law firm" or "national legal practice" is for convenience only and does not imply that all or any of such entities are in partnership together or accept responsibility for the acts or omissions of each other. Legal responsibility for the provision of services to clients is defined in engagement terms entered into between clients and the relevant entity and these should be relied upon in determining liability for the services provided. Absent the explicit agreement and consent of both entities involved, no entity is responsible for the acts or omissions of, nor has any authority to obligate or otherwise bind, any other entity.

In states where does not have its own presence legal services are provided through associations with leading independent local law firms which we refer to as Relationship Firms. Relationship Firms are affiliated with the New York law firm,, PC and have adopted various practices and procedures that are aligned with entities but they are not themselves part of or financially integrated with, PC. Relationship Firms are owned and managed by their respective members, partners or other principals and not by partners of, PC.

No Attorney-Client Relationship

The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any matter.

The transmission and receipt of information contained on this Web site, in whole or in part, or communication with via the Internet or e-mail through this website does not constitute or create a lawyer-client relationship between us and any recipient. You should not send us any confidential information in response to this webpage. Such responses will not create a lawyer-client relationship, and whatever you disclose to us will not be privileged or confidential unless we have agreed to act as your legal counsel and you have executed a written engagement agreement with The material on this website may not reflect the most current legal developments. The content and interpretation of the law addressed herein is subject to revision. We disclaim all liability in respect to actions taken or not taken based on any or all the contents of this site to the fullest extent permitted by law. Do not act or refrain from acting upon this information without seeking professional legal counsel.

Social Media Channels Disclaimer

Media posted on our social media channels and/or our website is intended for a general overview and discussion of the subjects dealt with, and does not create a lawyer-client relationship. It is not intended to be, and should not be used as, a substitute for taking legal advice in any specific situation. will accept no responsibility for any actions taken or not taken on the basis of this publication. All videos, podcasts or any other media published by remain our copyright and all rights are reserved.

Conflict Checks

Before we accept a new instruction will ask for information about the potential client and the nature of the proposed work for the purpose of conflict checking, credit checking, client identification procedures and other bona fide purposes. This information (which may include personal data) may be disclosed to any Relationship Firms and/or some or all of their members for such purposes.

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The legal services provided by are provided by the New York law firm,, PC, and Relationship firms, which are independently operated law firms that operate in accordance with the relevant laws of the jurisdictions where they are located. Together, we provide a comprehensive and coordinated legal service to clients, nationwide.

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