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Founding Attorney, Maria Worley, saw a gap in corporate law: affordable legal counsel for startups and small businesses. Entrepreneurs had a choice of inaccessible hourly rates or to figure it out on their own with DIY templates. Her solution was an online law firm with subscription legal services.

The attorneys at have spent the last decade helping startups and small businesses flourish. Many of the attorneys with have entrepreneurial backgrounds so they understand the grind and they're on a mission to make the legal end of things simple, easy, and affordable.

the attorneys

Maria Worley, Esq.

Maria Worley, Esq.

Maria's work includes corporate and employment law, regulatory compliance, and other transactional matters. She has spoken and done pro bono work for a number of accelerators and educational institutions including the Keiretsu Forum and American University. A lifetime ago, Maria worked as a criminal defense attorney in the New York City state and federal courts. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law and licensed to practice in New York and before the federal courts of the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Connect with her at

Christina Lee, Esq.

Christina Lee, Esq.

Christina has extensive experience with intellectual property matters including licensing, transactions and acquisition, and the negotiation of complex deals. Prior to attending law school, Christina worked in operations at Techstars and now is a legal advisor for their Seattle program. She is a graduate of USC School of Law and licensed to practice in California. Connect with her at

Lila Moore, Esq., CPA.

Lila Moore, Esq., CPA.

As a child, Lila’s aunt used to let her do the bookkeeping for the family business. It led to a love of spreadsheets and great respect for small business owners. She now focuses her work on the tax implications of business decisions and is well-versed in both domestic and international tax policies. Lila holds a J.D. from William and Mary and is licensed to practice in Virginia. Connect with her at

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