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Women founders secure about 2% of venture capital investment, annually. Women of color, less than 1%. This is despite the fact that startups with a female founder on the team deliver significantly higher returns for investors than all-male teams (up to 60% higher according to some studies)

When women founders do secure funding, they raise significantly less, are less likely to raise subsequent rounds, and retain less equity in their companies.

We believe that legal counsel can help. We are a nationwide network of startup attorneys committed to supporting underrepresented founders. We believe you deserve more than templates. We're here to give you clear answers to your legal questions. We're here to help you succeed.

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Side Gig

We'll make sure you're following all of the rules and filing all of the forms. We'll review your legal documents, help you formulate a legal strategy, and be available for ongoing advice.



We'll form your company and help you keep it in good standing. We'll also be around to help answer all of the legal questions that come up during the course of business.



We'll make sure you're prepared for due diligence from the start. You'll have expert advice every step of the way from incorporation or conversion to funding rounds and exit.

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