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Illustration for text: If you’re looking for template-free legal protection, you’re in the right place. is your comprehensive solution, expertly handling your startup’s legal and accounting needs. Our team of experienced attorneys and accountants collaborate seamlessly to provide you with tailored support, ensuring your growing business has the guidance it deserves. With our innovative subscription model, you you gain access to top-tier expertise without the excess, ensuring your needs are addressed efficiently.

In addition to our subscription services, we understand that some projects require individualized attention. For those needs, we offer a range of services outside the subscription plan, including competitive flat rates for seed round fundraising. Our goal is to provide exceptional expertise with transparent pricing, so you can confidently navigate your startup journey.

Discover the perfect balance of legal and accounting support, specifically crafted for your startup's success.

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Effortlessly establish your business with Launch, our one-time, flat-rate incorporation service. We ensure your company is built on a solid foundation from day one, setting you up for lasting success.



Our expert attorneys will provide you with comprehensive legal support, empowering your business to thrive with confidence and security. From incorporation trough exit, we’ve got you covered.

Legal + Accounting

Legal + Accounting

Embrace comprehensive financial and legal management. Our team of dedicated professionals will handle all of your startup’s legal and financial needs so that you can confidently focus on your business's growth.

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Forms For Employees, Consultants & Interns

The classification of employee, independent contractor, or intern comes with significant tax and liability ramifications. While an agreement alone will not eliminate the risk of misclassification, it definitely helps.  Here are the correct forms to use with each hire.


What Business Entity Is Best For Startups

We hate to give a lawyer answer, but . . . it depends. Are you selling cookies or software? Do you think you'll be seeking venture capital down the line? How many people are starting the business?


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