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Launch (and operate) your company with clear answers to your legal and accounting questions.

Your attorney and CPA will be extended members of your team. Email them as needed and check-in quarterly via Zoom.

You deserve more than template legal services. You'll need professional advice to compete. We're here to help level the playing field. We're here to help you succeed.

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Side Gig

We'll make sure you're following all of the rules and filing all of the forms. We'll review your legal documents, handle bookkeeping and business taxes, and be available for ongoing advice.



We'll form your company and help you keep it compliant. We'll also be around to help answer all of the legal and financial questions that come up during the course of business.



We'll make sure you're prepared for due diligence from the start. You'll have professional advice every step of the way from incorporation or conversion through pre-SEED financing.

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Forms For Employees, Consultants & Interns

The classification of employee, independent contractor, or intern comes with significant tax and liability ramifications. While an agreement alone will not eliminate the risk of misclassification, it definitely helps.  Here are the correct forms to use with each hire.


What Business Entity Is Best For Startups

We hate to give a lawyer answer, but . . . it depends. Are you selling cookies or software? Do you think you'll be seeking venture capital down the line? How many people are starting the business?


Terms For An Advisor Agreement

It is best practice to have a written 'Advisor Agreement' or 'Advisor Letter'. This will manage the expectations of both parties, clearly define the terms of any equity grant, and protect your company. Here's what to include.


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