We will be your in-house counsel and handle all legal matters, including funding.

Legal Requirements

There's a reason companies have in-house counsel. From negotiating contracts to keeping up with industry specific regulations, the legal end of running a business is a full-time job.   

How We Help

Operations  We will handle the daily legal needs of your company.  We’ll draft and review contracts, ensure you’re complying with applicable laws and regulations, protect your trademark(s), and oversee corporate governance.  

Taxes  Our in-house CPA will make bookkeeping a breeze and make sure all taxes are timely filed. 

Term Sheet Review and Negotiation  We will review your investment offers and advise you on which terms to negotiate to ensure you are securing the best possible deal for your startup.

Funding Documents  We will draft and review all documents required to close, such as your Stock Purchase Agreement, Voting Rights Agreement, and Investor's Rights Agreement.

Due Diligence  We will assist you in complying with all due diligence requests and ensure that you are in compliance with all state and federal laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pay employees and/or contractors only in equity?

A: No. Federal and state laws require that you pay at least a minimum wage. 

Q:  What legal documents do I need to hire someone?

A:  Generally, you will need an offer letter, confidentiality agreement and inventions assignment agreement.  

Q: What Should Be Included in an Advisor Agreement?

A: Generally, an Advisor Agreement should include provisions that 1) protect the startup's confidential information; 2) assign all intellectual property that the Advisor may work on to the startup; and 3) establish terms for terminating the relationship.

Q: Should I ask an investor to sign an NDA before pitching?

A: No, it is not common practice for investors to be presented with an NDA. If an investor maintained the practice of signing an NDA for each submission they received, they would have to retain a team of lawyers to keep track of them. This would increase transaction costs greatly and potentially prevent an investor from even hearing your pitch.

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