What Advice Would You Give To Someone Starting A Business?

3 Nov 2020 2:28 PM | Start. Law (Administrator)

I was doing some rainy day pondering and posted this question to LinkedIn.  The answers people wrote were great.  Please feel free to add your own advice here.  

  • Jake Jorgovan, who runs a unique, and very cool, incubator, wrote: You'll only succeed if your idea solves a problem!

  • Helen Conway, a former judge who now coaches professionals in leading a balanced life, wrote: Decide upfront what your own definition of success is. Weigh every piece of advice you get against the criteria: is this compatible with my definition of success. And be very aware that success need not only be expressed in material terms.

  • Ahmed Al-Sayeed, founder of CanvasFreaks, wrote: Don't do it unless you love it.  

My two cents: Be prepared to learn a lot, quickly, because you likely can't afford to outsource it. Use paid mentors to learn effectively and efficiently. (I highly recommend Ilise Benun for marketing)  And join online forums for entrepreneurs because they are filled with interesting people solving interesting problems.

What do you think? Share your opinion here. 

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